How Raspberry Ketones Work

Believe me. I have a clue how difficult it is to lose weight. You take pills, shakes, and herbs. You even diet only to realize your efforts bore no fruits. You feel discouraged, so frustrated that you give up attempting to stay on a strict diet.

The fact is a third of the American population are obese, and the other third are overweight. The issue is most of the conventional methods for weight loss are hard such that 85% of those who use them end up failing.

Among the popular weight loss supplements is the Raspberry Ketones, which are said to cause the present fat in the cells to be broken down efficiently leading to fast burning of the fat by the body.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketone is a weight loss supplement made from the red raspberries.

You are supposed to take the raspberry ketone orally for weight loss. This product became quite famous after Dr.Oz mentioned it on a television show as the “miracle fat-burner.”

Although “raspberry” is very much appealing to many, the supplement is not derived from it since extracting raspberry ketones from raspberry can be very expensive.

The raspberry ketones present in supplements are not natural, but are made through an industrial process.

Another reason why this supplement is appealing is the name “ketone” that relate to low-carb meals, which compel the body to burn fat.

How Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

fat diminishingThe Raspberry ketones appear similar to other two molecules: synephrine (a stimulant) and capsaicin (present in chili pepper). These molecules have been proven by several types of research to boost metabolism so it is speculated a similar effect could be found in raspberry ketones.

Several studies done on animals using test tubes indicates that raspberry ketone can enhance levels of metabolism. It can also influence Adiponectin – a hormone in the body.

Adiponectin was found to accelerate fat burning in the body and to suppress appetite. Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that this research was done on animals, no reliable scientific proof that shows raspberry ketones aids in weight loss when taken by human beings.

When the studies were done on animals –specifically rats- it had the following effects:

  • It improved lipolysis -the breakdown of fats-, mainly by subjecting the cells to the impact of norepinephrine –the fat burning hormone.
  • It resulted in the release of the adiponectin hormone which plays a great role in regulating the levels of blood sugar and metabolism.

People who are slim have higher levels of adiponectin compared to individuals who are overweight, and the hormone levels get higher when you lose weight.

Research has indicated that if you have low levels of adiponectin, you are at greater risk of becoming obese, suffering from type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

For that reason, if you can increase the levels of adiponectin naturally it can assist you to lose weight and reduce the risks of several diseases.

Although raspberry ketones can raise the levels of adiponectin hormones in isolated fat cells from a rat, no proof the same can happen in human beings.

Besides, there are a variety of natural ways to raise your adiponectin levels, such as consumption of coffee and exercising.


I know you are probably wondering, why not consume a lot of raspberries and experience the same effect?

The reason why you cannot is that the amount of the raspberries you would require to take daily would be enormous. Not to mention the calories and so much fiber.

The supplements are extremely concentrated and are made to provide you with the high dosage of ketones you need to achieve success.

The positive feedback on weight loss websites from the persons who have used raspberry ketones shows that it has worked for several people.

When you want to purchase this product, look for the pure raspberry ketones – with no additives such as Green tea extract, Acai fruit, Ephedrine, Caffeine and so on.

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